Work&Place: Our Journal

We encourage you to read one of the best collections of contemporary perspectives on work and the workplace that we know of. Special thanks to Sodexo USA for its active sponsorship of the first two issues, and to the IFMA Foundation and its supporters (especially Manhattan Software and Planon) for sponsoring the third and fourth issues, published in the spring/summer of 2014. The October 2015 issue, #6 and the April 2016 issue, #7 were both sponsored by Steelcase and Condeco.

And thanks also to our many contributors and other sponsors from around the world, without whom this venture would not be possible!

You can read and/or download a free pdf version of any of the Work & Place back issues at this link:

The latest issue, #7, was published in April, 2016. It contains a rich potpourri of articles from around the world that reflect contemporary thinking on topics as diverse as coworking, the quest for an engaging workplace design, the state of flexible working in Latin America, workplace trends in northern Europe, the workplace revolution in France, and several case studies. Give yourself some quality time to absorb these new perspectives!

Volume 3 #’s 2 and 3 were  published as  special issues in conjunction with the IFMA Foundation‘s second Workplace Strategy Summit, held 8-10 June, 2014, at the executive conference center in Wokefield Park, near Reading, in the United Kingdom. Those two issues include articles by most of the keynote presenters at the Summit.

Paul Carder, the publisher of Work&Place, describes the journal this way:

Work & Place, which we aim to eventually publish quarterly, is a bit different! For a start it’s international. The team behind it is based on three different continents, with a wider team covering two more.

The journal is promoting a dialogue between its contributors and readers. Every article includes extensive links to further information and readers are encouraged to join a special online discussion (LinkedIn Group) for each issue:

Our journal will be relevant to the creators and managers of ‘places’ (corporate real estate, construction, facilities management and workplace development).

It will be equally relevant to managers of ‘work’ (business leaders, and functional specialists who have a key influence on corporate ‘places’ – human resources and information technology and others such as branding/marketing).

The first issue was published in August, 2012, to rave reviews. Here’s what several important thought leaders said about it:

Diane Coles Levine, former Director of Workplace Services, SCAN Health Plan; and former Chair if the IFMA Foundation:

I read Work & Place cover-to-cover on the plane ride home [from the IFMA Foundation Workplace Summit]. Wow! This is the best periodical I have read in my field! Congratulations on an outstanding job.

Every article has some information that I can directly apply to my job. This never happens when I read trade journals I can’t wait to share it with the FM team at SCAN Health Plan. I just wanted to thank you for providing us FMs with this valuable information.

It’s fantastic! It’s stimulating! it’s easy to read and jam-packed with critical information I can apply. Can’t wait for the next issue.

Michael Schley, CEO, FM:Systems; and Chair, IFMA Foundation Knowledge Management Committee:

I was very impressed with your inaugural journal. It is very rewarding to see a publication that is both interesting and serious. I hope that you have success with the venture. It is making an important contribution to the conversation.

Debra Dailey, Vice President, Human Capital Solutions & Outcomes, Sodexo:

Paul, It was wonderful seeing you [at the Workplace Strategy Summit] and seeing the output from the Journal…congrats again! It was a great idea to get it printed and distributed at the conference. On the way home I sat next to someone who was reading it, underlining comments, and excited to post feedback.

Don’t wait any longer; read Work&Place today, and send your comments to Paul Carder. We welcome your views on any of the articles, and on what you want to see in future issues. And if you want to submit an article for consideration in a future issue of Work & Place, please send an enquiry to our managing editer, Mark Eltringham.