The Company

Occupiers’ Journal is a brand owned by And Places Limited (APL), which is a global learning and development organization serving real estate, workplace and facilities management “end users” (occupiers). APL engages with occupiers, service-providers and consultants, to cross-share data, knowledge, experience, and case studies. Much of this work is conducted in a confidential environment, and always with complete independence.

AJL is committed to producing practical, action-oriented guidelines for improving business effectiveness as well as the workplace-related professions as a whole.

Our primary objectives are as follows:

  1. Make Workplace Management More Effective. Address the challenges managers face when tasked with coordinating HR/IT/Corporate Real Estate/Facilities to deliver alignment across corporate strategy, strategic business units, service providers and the workplace.
  2. Improve Senior Management Buy-In and Support for Workplace Management. Communicate to senior management the business value and benefits of initiatives designed to deliver an effective workplace.
  3. Create Powerful Functional and Business Unit Relationships. Develop more productive business relationships between the central service function and strategic business units.

And Places Limited is a company incorporated in Hong Kong with its registered office at Suite 2310 Dominion Centre, 43-59 Queen’s Road East, Hong Kong. And Places Limited is an independent private company, entirely owned by the Directors.