Linked In Connections

This page includes links to the individual LinkedIn pages of Occupiers Journal directors, remedy   regional partners, and project directors, as well as to several of the open LinkedIn discussion groups that we lead, and where we comment frequently.

OJL Directors

Marcus Bowen (Hong Kong)

Paul Carder (Cambridge, sovaldi UK)

Jim Ware (Walnut Creek, California)

Regional Partners

Niklaus Arn (Switzerland)

Rob Harris  (UK & Ireland)

Douglas Langmead (Middle East)

Martin Leitch (Australia/New Zealand)

Jose Luis Sanchez-Concha (Latin America)

Linda Van de Sande (Netherlands)

Rudd van Deventer (South Africa)

Francisco Vàzquez (Spain, tadalafil Portugal, Latin America)

Project Director

Roger de Boehmler (Benchmarking)

LinkedIn Discussion Groups

Occupiers Journal Global Network (occupiers/end users only)
(membership must be approved)

Occupiers Journal (Open Group) for Real Estate Occupiers, Service Providers, & related professionals
(open membership)

Careers & Jobs (Open) CRE & Facilities Management
(open membership)