Global Independence

OJL’s mission is to provide a strictly independent source of knowledge and relationships for the benefit of real estate occupiers (end-users). OJL does not provide formal advisory services, nor does it have any business interests in, or influence from, any organisation that provides goods or services to real estate occupiers.

OJL may accept financial sponsorship in the following circumstances, where its work is not influenced by any sponsor:

  1. to conduct research about questions it considers important to the Facilities Management profession;
  2. to publish the results of such research and other information or opinions that its directors and partners wish to share;
  3. to assist with the costs of delivering any publications that it chooses to release to the
    general public; or
  4. for parts of its website or other media that are accessible by the general public.

In each of the above-stated cases, financial sponsorship will be accepted in return for the sponsor’s brand being placed on the publication and/or web page. However, the content and conclusions of any such publication will not in any way be influenced by the sponsor.

OJL does not accept financial sponsorship for its work directly with groups of occupier organisations, or the publications that remain confidential to those occupier organisations.

OJL may offer selected sponsors the opportunity to host meetings for its occupier-only clients, including open opportunities for networking lunches or dinners. However, the work of OJL with its occupier-only clients (such as global regional workshops) is always held in private, with no admission to the sponsor(s) except by special invitation to a specific working session.