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As always, every year, this is one conference in the workplace strategy calendar that you really don’t want to miss. You have just over a week to re-organise your diary and clear Wed 15th…you will not regret it.

Firstly, some essential information (in case you don’t read the rest!):


LinkedIn Group:

Twitter: ( @workplacetrends )

Workplace Trends: Designing for Inclusion

Key question: How can we engage with, and design for, all employees, creating a welcoming, productive workplace for everyone?

Keynote: Charlotte Sweeney, Vice-Chair of the Dept of Business, Innovation and Skills external Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Panel

Twitter: ( @CharlotteSweene )

Amongst many other accolades, Charlotte is leading the City of London Lord Mayor’s Diversity Programme “The Power of Diversity” on behalf of Fiona Woolf CBE. 

Their website says, “The City depends upon being able to draw the best talent from an increasingly diverse and inclusive pool for the innovation that society now needs. The Power of Diversity programme will highlight and discuss the critical steps that the City at all management levels must take to maximise the energy and innovation that diversity can bring to business. Where are the new ideas and a new challenge to old ideas going to come from? Is the talent pool wide enough to facilitate the desired social mobility and inclusion?”


The most extreme example – the City of London

How diverse is the City of London? That square mile which controls so much of the world’s wealth? Not very…would be a polite response.

It is perhaps the last bastion of testosterone-fueled old fashioned sexism. Nigel Farage (UKIP leader, and former City worker) said in January, “Women prepared to sacrifice family life can do as well as male colleagues in financial firms, if not better” …oh, that’s alright then!

It will be interesting to hear what Charlotte says about the changes being driven through the City.

What about the physical workplace itself? How can we foster a spirit of diversity, through the physical buildings and spaces we occupy as organisations?

Come along on the 15th October and listen to several leading thinkers who may be able to help us tackle this important question.

Workplace Trends: Designing for Inclusion

Workplace Trends: Designing for Inclusion


Here, finally are some further learnings and questions that arose for me out this year’s Corenet Summit in Orlando.

Monday, October 8.

The opening keynote presentation came from Bill Benjamin, founder of The Institute for Health and Human Potential. His focus: the importance of emotions in driving behavior, and the need to understand why and how people respond when they are under stress (and who isn’t these days?).

Bill’s message was obvious in hindsight, but it’s one we forget all too often: most leadership programs (and books) focus on technical skills and IQ as key to leadership success – yet when we recall outstanding leaders (including some of our own past bosses), we invariably identify people who touched us emotionally – people who have a high “EQ” or Emotional Quotient.”

He pointed out that people who fail as leaders typically are incapable of forming and managing relationships. They don’t manage change well.

But the most interesting part of the presentation was Benjamin’s focus on the amygdala – that basic part of the brain that drives feelings. We feel (the amygdala) before we think (the cortex). And when we are stressed, our ability to think rationally is reduced. Under stress we tend to tell people what we think they want to hear; we focus on compliance, which is a far cry from commitment. And as “followers” that’s what we do too – we fall into yes/no responses, and we comply with the first request we hear, rather than thinking through our options.

Benjamin then reminded us that Peter Drucker often talked about the importance of learning to manage yourself (you can never go wrong by quoting Peter Drucker!). And he wound up by offering a relatively simple formula for exercising control (over ourselves and others) in stressful situations: “SOS”

  • Stop (do something different, take some time out, disconnect)
  • Oxygenate (take a deep breath; carbonize your blood, minimize the impact of that amygdala)
  • Strengthen Appreciation (of the situation, of others – that releases dopamine, which is a source of positive emotion and well-being)

Remember, in stressful situations, when you and others are undergoing (or fighting) change, emotions are far more powerful, and important, than all the data and logic in the world.

So – that was the opening of the Summit. Heady stuff. With that new perspective on leadership and our own “uncontrollable” emotions, we all headed off to the breakouts, the expo, and the all-important hallway conversations that make up the most meaningful part of most conferences.

And I’ll pick up some more reflections in my next post. Look for it in another day or two as I squeeze time out my all-too-busy days for these important – and highly satisfying – moments of reflecting, absorbing, and learning from the Summit.


A quick mention this afternoon for my old colleagues at AWA (Advanced Workplace Associates), who organize this week of charity activity in the UK, for BBC Children In Need. You can donate directly at the Just Giving page. The week has considerable support also, from CoreNet Global UK Chapter, BCS (The Chartered Institute for IT), BIFM, FM World, and others.

Workplace Week is a week-long showcase of workplace innovation that will be taking place between 5th and 9th of November 2012. It aims to raise as much money as possible for BBC Children in Need.

During Workplace Week, organisations with innovative workplaces are opening their doors during office hours to host a programme of visits, including the following:

You can register here – places are limited so book early.

This year’s Workplace Week Convention ‘Competing through agility’ is hosted by Microsoft at its offices in Victoria, London on Thursday 8th November 2012 will challenge conventional thinking on organisations, culture, work and the infrastructure that supports them.

Remember, all these events are being hosted by the above organisations, and all proceeds go to the BBC Children In Need charity. So do please try to attend one or two, and donate…or just give anyway! Thanks.


We always write about CoreNet Global Summits – in fact, you’ll see more from #CNGorlando from Jim Ware this week, as he is just on his way home to the ‘other’ sunshine state of California. Why? Well, I guess we are very familiar with CoreNet Summits – you may be too? I have been to a dozen or more, around the world, and I always learn something; but we also like the people, and the great network. CoreNet have also been kind enough to invite us to all their Summits also, which clearly helps… 🙂

What about the ‘competition’ though? WORKTECH by Unwired Ltd, is certainly in that ‘box’. And it is now well established around the world, much like CoreNet Summits. Should you go to one, or the other, or both? Our role is not to advise on that, but to tell you what we have seen, heard, and what we might expect from future events.

Jim Ware was at WORKTECH’11 West Coast, and this was his report. It was the first event hosted by Unwired in Silicon Valley. Jim knows the region well, as a resident of Berkeley, CA, and said this:

“….it was a good day, time and money well spent. Great lineup of speakers, intriguing stories, and excellent opportunities for networking. I don’t know the numbers, but I’d guess there were about 150 people in attendance, from all over the U.S. and some further afield” (there is far more on the link above)

WORKTECH’12 is in San Francisco this year, on 15th October. It is SOLD OUT, so if you were hoping to attend, sorry! Watch for next year, and book early! Our Jim Ware will be attending, so subscribe to this blog to make sure that you do not miss his overview.

There IS still time to book here for your place at WORKTECH’12 London, on 14/15 November, at the British Library. Or simply contact Caroline Bell for more information by emailing or calling
+44 20 8977 8920

What can you expect at WORKTECH12 London?

Over two days, WORKTECH offers a unique blend of ideas, workplace innovations, and visions of the future. It also offers an “innovations exhibition” to share ideas, masterclasses and networking drinks. See the speakers list here.
• Keynote speaker, Alan Moore, a charismatic visionary with a firm grasp of the significant and disruptive trends currently reshaping our world, will outline the true possibilities of a networked society and talk about his latest book, No Straight Lines: making sense of our non-linear world.
• Join Microsoft and it’s NEW WORLD OF WORK with case studies from Microsoft’s groundbreaking new offices in Lisbon, Zurich and Helsinki.
• Examine the Future of Work with 6 Heads of Real Estate from BBC, Unilever, Deloitte, Cisco, Zurich Financial Services and Sodexo.
• Explore tools and connections for innovation and productivity
• Get the latest on BYOD from Cisco and hear how a leading law firm unlocked their IT assets and freed up investment through the adoption of BYOD

So there it is…. if you have an interest in the future of work for your organization and want to learn from your peers who have recently embraced change, WORKTECH is where you need to be!
Delegates already booked to attend include ITV, Thomson Reuters, Aon, Barclays, British Council, GlaxoSmithKline, Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, BBC, Unilever, KPMG, Network Rail, Kraft Foods, Ericson, Deloitte and many more.

regards, Paul Carder, Director @Occupiers Journal Limited;

Caroline Bell | Conference Director | UNWIRED Ventures Ltd | Mobile: +44 7983 581 682 | Office: +44 (0) 208 977 8920 | Email : |
|Address: 7 St Johns Mews, St Johns Rd, Hampton Wick, Surrey, UK, KT1 4AN |
|work | workplace | technology | innovation |
| UNWIRED and are part of UnGroup |


Having now been to several FM & Property Events, originated by Jason Awatar, and received good feedback from both occupier-delegates and sponsors alike, I can thoroughly recommend this event.

The hard-working and successful boys (and girls) from Newport, South Wales, are back again in two weeks time, for this autumn’s FM & Property Event. This time it is at the DeVere’s WOKEFIELD PARK near Reading, UK. As usual, for those of you who like to play, there is top-tier golf available, and as usual it will cost you nothing (apart from your valuable time of course). Plus, as always there is a good line-up of occupiers speaking, from Unilever, Microsoft, Agrega, The Met Police, HSBC, IKEA, Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust, The BBC, The Government Property Unit (GPU), Aurora Fashions, Tesco, Severn Trent, The LSE, Hilton Group, BT, Neinver, SIXT, Siemens, Royal Mail, Channel4, National Grid, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP.

There are just a very few FREE end-user places left, so contact John Funnell, Marketing Director for Global Business Events. Or just get online and register now!

The FM & Property Event is now well established in the UK events calendar. Set out below are some reasons why these events have been so successful:


“The only END USER driven event, our goal is to create the ultimate meeting point…..the programme and speaker faculty is created with your direct input and by our own advisory committee featuring some of the most senior professionals from your industry who help to shape the event, propose ideas, possible speakers and topic areas.”


“We make it our business to ensure you make the most of your time by only meeting with the people with whom you share common business goals, and attend only the workshops you want to attend.”


Registration is quick and easy, and attendance to our event is complimentary on behalf of the Advisory Committee as long as you fall into the category they specify. This includes accommodation, meals, refreshments and workshop participation and use of the first class hotel or resort facilities.

I hope to see you there. If you do register, drop me a line at and let’s arrange to meet. I will also be speaking at 4pm on the 18th (Day 1) about our work with RICS on “Raising The Bar” – enhancing the strategic role of FM.

Paul Carder @occupiers


If you are in the UK or Western Europe in late October, this event is now a fixture in workplace managers’ diaries; the main conference is on 25th Oct, with an optional informal dinner later. There are also optional visits on 26th Oct. Quick link for booking: here (use our code OJ2012 to receive 10% discount for the Conference on 25th Oct.)

Our friends Nigel Oseland (in the ‘Chair’) and Maggie Procopi of Merlin Events (or MEM), have assembled a great line-up of speakers, once again this year for this one-day conference (plus optional dinner and tours* the following day).

I recommend Workplace Trends to you all: designed by the ever-thoughtful Dr Nigel Oseland, and driven by professional events producer Maggie, this is a finely tuned event, now in its 10th year! Maggie says, “Every presentation has an ample allocated time-slot with time for questions built in – we don’t do discussion or speculation panels – excepting the now traditional and entertaining post lunch debate between Paul Morrell and this year, Neil Usher.”

Title: “Workplace Trends: Wellbeing and Performance”
Date/Time: Thursday 25 October 2012, 9am – 5.30pm, followed by drinks (*tours on 26th Oct)
Location: One Bishop’s Square, London, E1 6AD (the Auditorium of Allen&Overy, a global law firm)

Speakers include:

Nic Marks, of the Centre for Well-Being at NEF, which “researches policies, measurement tools and every day actions that help us increase well-being”.  You can watch him here on
Mark Duddridge, from Ginsters, the bakers famous for those roadside snacks! (confused? well-being? you’ll just have to wait and see what he has to say!)
Jane Abraham, a Healthy Workplace Advisor, with European Centre for the Environment and Human Health, part of the Exeter University Medical School, in Devon UK. Jane advises the Centre’s research team on current Government policy, good practice and research around the world on work and health, and how to translate the evidence into local business needs.
Marie Puybaraud PhD, joins from Paris, where she is Director of Global Workplace Innovation at Johnson Controls GWS, a global researcher who probably needs little introduction!
Catherine Gall, Research Director at Steelcase since 2004, and co-author (with Beatriz Arantes) of the interesting book “OFFICE CODE : Building Connections Between Cultures and Workplace Design” (2009).

The afternoon will be chaired by my good friend Philip Tidd of Gensler, where he is now Head of Consulting for EMEA region. He is also one of the contributors to the blog GenslerOnWork, and you can follow Phil on twitter where he often posts useful links to articles and information that he has spotted (he spends a lot of time in airports!)

Paul Morrell, a former Senior Partner with DLE, and now UK Government Chief Construction Adviser, a very experienced professional, whom you can preview here on the RICS Media Centre – “Influencing Policy”
Neil Usher, General Manager – Group Property at Rio Tinto. That’s his day-job! But you may know him better as “Blogger, Tweeter, Lyricist, Workplace-writer, Provocateur” (and “Dad” as he says!); He is on twitter as @workessence and his thoughtful blog of the same name.
Pawel Wargocki, from Technical University of Denmark, who is also President of the International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (ISIAQ). Pawel is an expert in the relationship between indoor air quality and human performance.
Louis Lhoest, Partner, International Business at Veldhoen + Company, a company well-known for their process, Activity-Based Working (ABW), and projects such as Macquarie Bank in Sydney.
Ian Humphray, Workplace Manager at Severn Trent Water, who is “managing a major culture change programme ensuring people are prepared and engaged in the workplace changes that are impacting on them”.
Doug Shaw, of What Goes Around Limited, and columnist for HR Zone, a leading online resource for HR professionals, and has been published in several magazines.

Conference Dinner, Thursday 25 October, 7.30pm – 11pm: For those ‘in town’ on the Thursday night the organisers have arranged an informal evening meal at The George, just a few minutes walk from the conference venue.

*Optional Office Tours, Friday 26 October:
– PricewaterhouseCoopers, 7 More London, 10:00am-11:30am
– Lend Lease, Regents Place, 1pm-2pm
– Unison HQ, 130 Euston Road, 2.30pm-3.30pm

Book now! (use our code OJ2012 to receive 10% discount for the Conference on 25th Oct.)


by Paul Carder @WorkAndPlace

Yes, I know, I am a little biased. We all try not to have our favourites. We all try to be impartial. But, over the years, CoreNet Summits around the world have become the place where I know that I will meet most of the people I want to meet. Many of those people are now good friends, and some even business partners in Occupiers Journal….

In fact, there were three of us at CoreNet London this year. Our Spanish, Portuguese & LatAm partner, Francisco Vazquez Medem, President of 3g-office, flew in from Madrid. And our Swiss partner, Niklaus (Nick) Arn, Managing Director of RBSgroup, flew in from Zurich. We don’t get chance to meet often, so this is another good excuse.

I did pen a few blogs last week, around the London Summit activity, as you can follow here if you wish:

Monday: Communities & Parties: if you want to read more about CoreNet Communities, see this link

Tuesday night: customer service – the small things that make a big difference; a late night rant!

Wednesday: a word in support of CoreNet and RICS working together; a great step for the industry.

Sunday eve: 100 tweeters @ CoreNet London: with link to a register of twitter names for you!

So, what more can I say? Well, as usual, quite a bit if you let me……

The paperless Summit

Remember the ‘paperless office’ – I don’t really, as I think I was still at school. Anyway, it didn’t happen, as we all know!

But, the ‘paperless summit’ arrived (almost) last week, with the Summit App. Registration only had a pocket-sized brochure/agenda for the 2.5 days. Everything else was on the App. Great! Well, great for those with iPads, iPhones and other advanced gadgets. But London isn’t #CNGSanDiego…! Some of us old Brits still have BlackBerry and other gadgets that don’t like Apps quite as much. So, it didn’t quite work straight away, but most people got there in the end.

Session evaluation forms were on the App….no more of those paper forms sitting on every chair. So were all the session details, and “peer connections” so one could ping a colleague on the App and arrange to meet. I never did get the thing to work on my old BlackBerry, which I’m waiting to exchange for an iPhone! I had to laugh at the irony of the last General Session 2: how technology is changing work, which culminated in a real-time survey of participants using the App. The vastly experienced Michael Creamer, of Cushman&Wakefield, had to think on his feet, and see the funny side as we answered different questions from those he had on his screen!

Thought Leader Series

The Thought Leader Series was a first for CoreNet London. It was described as follows:

Topics of direct relevance to you based on Corporate Real Estate 2020 research findings highlighting some of your biggest challenges: Become a better communicator/collaborator. Improve your ability to influence. Think strategically. Manage change. Get direct access to top-level experts in highly interactive breakout sessions designed with CRE in mind. Work alongside professional peers to develop soft skills needed to lead and succeed in your highly specialized field

The idea, from CRE2020 (see more below), is that we tend to focus on the technical/professional challenges and knowledge needed for CRE, FM, & Workplace. But, of course, as managers, we need a range of leadership and ‘soft’ skills. This programme starts to address this.

Summit Connect

This is an excellent feature for people who cannot attend in person, but want to watch some of the highlights online. The General Sessions were screened live, and a few other bits over the two days. It is now online at the link

Follow the twitter discussion at #CNGLondon


There is a list of all the twitter names that appeared in this stream on my Dropbox here. Some highlights from some regular tweeters are below.

General Session 1: Leadership 2.0: The Science Behind Great Leaders ; Studies show that emotional intelligence is two times more important in contributing to excellence than intellect and expertise alone. Bill Benjamin talked about increasing your Emotional Quotient (EQ) to lead CRE through a time of unprecedented change.

@markcatchlove – Leadership skills depend heavily on emotional intelligence – why not analyse your own good and bad bosses and see #CNGLondon

@CoreNetMktg – Increased IQ doesn’t translate into better performance. Increased EQ does. #CNGLondon

@paulcarder – #IHHP – “If you have a 150 I.Q., sell 30 points to someone else” Warren Buffet – you don’t need to be a genius!! #CNGLondon @CNGSummits

@CNGSummits – “We FEEL before we THINK” – #CNGLondon. Good for avoiding attacking tigers, not so good for handing interpersonal conflicts!

@iainfranklin – We know CRE is about relationships, now we know why- emotional intelligence 2x as important as IQ and tech skills combined #CNGLondon

@markcatchlove – When you want to react emotionally – 1.Stop 2.Oxygenate 3.Strengthen appreciation 4. Seek information #CNGLondon

@preOccupiedblog – #CRE leaders using service providers to solve technical gaps, and training in-house team to solve soft skills #preoccupiedblog #CNGLondon

‘Soft skills’, leadership and general management continued throughout…..

@preOccupiedblog – 70% say relationship building is important for #CRE leaders. #CNGLondon #preoccupiedblog

@preOccupiedblog – #CRE leaders using service providers to solve technical gaps, and training in-house team to solve soft skills #preoccupiedblog #CNGLondon

@Philip_Tidd – @preOccupiedBlog #CNGLondon indeed; the C-suite give intangibles short shrift. Challenge is to make them tangible – robust data is key.

@preOccupiedblog – We don’t have many technical property spclsts in-house. We teach tech skills to non-tech people –Giradeau/HSBC #preoccupiedblog #CNGLondon


Alex Andel, a senior director with CBRE, presented on this subject, and tweeted as @preOccupiedblog, “Join #preoccupiedblog in the #CNGLondon learning quarters at 230 for the (hopefully) least boring talk on #benchmarking ever Nerds rejoice!” Not at all Alex, it was very well received, as I found from discussions at coffee afterwards.

@SteveHenigan – CBRE global benchmarking – global average of 192 sqft per employee #CNGLondon;  global median of 8000 dollars per workstation;

Exclusive Property Trends Analysis (a top line-up!)

@DTZGlobal – At #CNGLondon? Drop in to the ‘Exclusive Property Trends Analysis’ break out session at 16:00 today – DTZ’s James Maddock will be moderating…. James Maddock was indeed moderating, and a great job he did of keeping us presenters on track. And with some humour too, which always helps!

The brochure described the session as follows:

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and CoreNet Global present new findings from exclusive reports. Take part in an interactive presentation of the Corporate Real Estate 2020 research report to learn how sustainability initiatives and partnering with other key support functions will impact corporate real estate strategies. Also, be one of the first to get access to RICS’ new report which takes a hard look at the current state of the practice of facilities management by drawing on a survey completed by almost 400 FM professionals on six continents.

o Describe how the FM function is measured and managed.
o Develop a deeper understanding of the issues and challenges faced by facility managers.
o Describe new models for organizational collaboration and integration.
o Discuss how the nature of business and work will change by the year 2020

We did achieve those ‘takeaways’, but the discussion was more around the strategic fit of facilities management (FM) alongside other functions of real estate, HR, IT, ‘Brand’, and perhaps procurement.

In this session, Barry Varcoe (Zurich) and Eckhard von Münchow (NokiaSiemensNetworks) presented parts of the CRE2020 research, which was a difficult challenge in 25mins (between the two of them!). The research is now published and available at the link above, from the CNG website. Barry and Eckhard gave a useful summary, particularly of the structural relationships between the functions mentioned above.

Ian Dunning, Global Facilities Director at Unilever PLC, and myself, presented some of the findings from Occupiers Journal current research with RICS, due for publication on 1st November, available via RICS Research.

Can I summarize the session? That would be difficult. However, both CRE2020 and our study with RICS, have been drawn into the question of how CRE & FM is structured. In fact, more to the point, how the whole support structure of an organisation is structured.

The intelligent client

The presentations and debate above were fed by earlier discussions, like Barry’s article on ‘the unintelligent client’ and my blog in response a few weeks ago.

This is an area to watch, as in my opinion it will ultimately drive the structure (and capabilities) of the service provider market. What happens when RE, FM and IT (for example) actually do form one unit, work out their strengths and weaknesses, and then go to market for one service provider?

No answers here….yet….just, we all need to think about this. Professional service management firms will adapt. Will we see huge IT outsource companies buying (or partnering with) CRE/FM service companies?

Again, Alex Andel summarized: “@PreOccupiedblog: Ability 2 understand problems in an integrated way results in solutions developed in an integrated way. Varcoe/Zurich #CNGLondon”


After the parties, going on well into the morning (I was at CBRE‘s party – thanks again guys) I’m sure that the morning was a little subdued for many. I had a meeting at the RICS, so I missed most of the morning.

Some others were up and bright: @JeremyCDay: “Day 2 of Corenet Global Summit here in London, after excellent reception at the British Film Museum last night. #cnglondon”

Having witnessed his dancing skills at 1am, @BenMunn was fresh enough to tweet: #cbre’s Patrick Marsh on the global integrator model at #cnglondon 11am in the Plaza Suites – a challenging and rewarding evolution #cre

Not to be outdone, @JLLNews tweeted: Mike Evans of @JLLNews presenting on “Ghost Towns: What’s the Solution” at 11am in Plaza Suites

HSBC Case Study

But just to prove they are all actually friends (at least, off the ‘pitch’ – pun intended), CBRE and JLL worked together with HSBC on their slot “CRE Transformation – the HSBC Case Study”. @JLLNews tweeting: #JLL’s @ShelleyFrost73 presenting on “CRE Transformation-the HSBC Model” …Set to be an engaging session!

@preOccupiedblog (Alex Andel) tweeted: HSBC #CRE transformation aligned to guiding principles of corporate strategy: capital, cost, growth…. HSBC #cre transformation Vision: 1) redesign org, 2) rationalize supply chain, 3) implement global standards…. HSBC says global integration brings innovation, risk mgmt, consistency and lots more….. “Whatever we do, we have to have great MI and data”-Giraudeau/HSBC …….”Significant benefit! New MI platform helps us have strategic discussions with the business.” Giraudeau/HSBC …..”New data platform helps us do things in a couple weeks that used to take several months.” …..

@JoeyVlasto added “Excellent breakout session on CRE Transformation with HSBC at #CNGLondon Great case study of partnership and working together.”

When Does Workplace Go Global?

I was actually at this session, rather than the HSBC case study – difficult choice – I wish all the sessions were filmed!

CoreNet described the session as follows:

With the world becoming smaller, how can you advance your workplace to reflect brand and local culture? The CoreNet Global UK Workplace Committee will facilitate lively roundtable discussions on this challenging question and how different approaches such as global standards, process delivery and mapping facilities, workplace, real estate to business aspiration, can assist in creating a competitive advantage.

• Identify the subtleties and nuances of what works and what does not across the global workplace
• Evaluate and challenge your own approach to workplace through discussion and examples of best practices
• Apply latest thinking to your organisation through quality engagement with workplace professionals

Melanie Woolcott, Workplace Director at Orbit Architects did the hosting and chairing of the session. Melanie has a lot of experience in this role, also being the Council Member (Events) for the Workplace Consulting Organisation (WCO).

This was a very useful session, with experienced practitioners Robert McLean of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Billy Davidson of Vodafone.

Billy has a great Glaswegian turn of phrase, and what you really need to remember from this session was tweeted by @nicholaspwinterVodafone CRE going global – common DNA but not “dolly the sheep” !

Both PwC and Vodafone have developed methodologies and tools to analyse workplace needs, and certain features are generally included in global programmes. But, not “Dolly the sheep” – the genetic facsimile of her relative. It was recognized by both speakers that there is a need to promote the ‘brand’ whilst reflecting local culture and business practices.

General Session 2: Techno Shifts – How Technology is Changing Work (by @GinaSchreck)

This was the rousing (and interesting) last session before drinks and departures…. Gina was at #CNGSanDiego also, earlier this year, and ran several technology sessions throughout the London summit to help people get the best from their iPad, social media, and much more. She is a self confessed “Technology Freak”, loves shoes and caffiene….she had certainly had a few ‘extra shots’ before her last session!!

You can watch her session on Summit Connect at this link ….but shift to 2m:40s as for some reason there is nothing at the start! In fact the sound is not great, and it doesn’t reflect the session particularly well. But it will give you an idea of the session.

@occupiers (me, this time) tweeted a few of Gina’s fascinating facts – “If you were born in the 60’s, you have probably consumed 50,000 hours of TV…!!” …….”people are now consuming that 50,000 hours on different media, and creating it; sharing”….. “be interesting…be helpful…or BE QUIET!” Remember the point of #socialmedia don’t junk it up!”

@richardbyatt retweeted – “Social media advice at #CNGLondon “Be interesting, be helpful or be quiet” Well that rules out 50% of SM postings”…. probably way more than 50% Richard! But hey, this blog is also ‘social media’, as is Linkedin, and many other useful forms that we all use regularly.

I’ll leave you with one of Gina’s observations – “you can just be a Twacher“!! What does that mean? Simply a Twitter watcher….you don’t need to “tweet”, but you can gain by following a group of leading thinkers. Maybe they have more time to get to events that you don’t, or read articles that you haven’t seen – they will leave links, and comments on their twitter feed. You can just follow them…..simple. But, effective.

Thanks again to all the people at CoreNet Global, and the many volunteers (and their organisations) that give their time and expertise to make CoreNet Summits the success that they are. We’ll see you in Orlando!

Paul Carder @occupiers , @paulcarder , @WorkAndPlace

Work & Place issue#1 now at this link


100 tweeters @CoreNetGlobal #CNGLondon last week

by Paul Carder on September 23, 2012

There is sometimes a criticism of lack of twitter feeds coming from events – not only from CoreNet, but other large gatherings too.

I thought that I would have a look through this evening, and see if this is in fact true. The answer seems to be that it could be improved, BUT frankly I was surprised that I found 100 individual tweeters for #CNGLondon, CoreNet and London last week.

Here is a link to my list, and recognition I hope for those who do keep the twitter feeds live:

So, very soon it will be the CoreNet Global Orlando Summit where we should see more ‘tweeting’. Our own Dr. Jim Ware will be there, tweeting as @thefutureofwork and @jpwoccupiers

regards, Paul Carder

@occupiers ; @WorkAndPlace ; @paulcarder

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Park Plaza is a big hotel – it is not a ‘great’ hotel. That is a lesson in what could be….what should be….for those of us at this Summit. Creating a great ‘environment’ is one thing, and #CRE professionals may find that more exciting. But delivering a high quality of customer service in that environment (whether a hotel, or office workplace) is also absolutely key to success. It could be what makes a real difference. It could retain customers, with minimal effort.

I’m just back from the CBRE party; good fun, great people. I walked back from Trafalgar Square, to the hotel – great to see the buildings alongside both embankments of the Thames lit up. But, arriving back at the hotel, it is a classic example of some of the things we have talked about today at the CoreNet Global London Summit.

So, I get back to the hotel about 1.45/2pm (not sure – didn’t check), restart the laptop to write this blog, and put the kettle on. But, nobody has replaced the tea, coffee and milk I used up yesterday – why?? I want a cup of refreshing tea to clear the effects of all the red wine I drank this evening, both at the London Film Museum and the Vista @ The Trafalgar Hotel thanks to CBRE.

I have to go back down to the reception desk – OK, so 5 minutes later someone arrives with tea and coffee….and yes, that’s what I asked for, and that’s what I got….no milk! No decaff coffee either! I can’t be bothered to call reception – I have black full-strength coffee at 2am. Its not ideal….but its not the point, I wanted a cup of tea. I would not pay to stay in this hotel again. #FAIL

What is the point? Well, I guess it is that we spend $millions on real estate assets, design and development. But many of the “outputs” of the CRE&FM services of organisations are the SMALL things. The things that you just should not need to chase up, and it annoys you (or at least, me) if you DO need to chase up.

In CRE & FM delivery we must not forget the ‘small things’ that do not necessarily cost much (or indeed anything at all), but which make a big difference! I am hoping that we may hear more about “workplace experience” today, not just RE, Tech, Sustainability. Great service may well add to satisfaction, which may in turn add to factors such as work productivity, loyalty, and even in a small way perhaps ‘staff retention’. For certain, the reverse is also true. But how much does great service cost? It is not about money, it is about attitude – hotels should ingrain this in their staff, but clearly they do not always do so.

Paul Carder, Founder/Director – Occupiers Journal Limited
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Hi all,

CoreNet Global Summits are always a day longer than advertised, have you noticed? Like here at #CNGLondon, the 2012 London Summit, where we have had a day of activity already! It officially starts tomorrow morning, running through Tues-Wed. Three for the price of two….

From 1-3pm we had Community Connections, based around what were four communities in CoreNet Global, now five (more of that below). The Workplace Community is probably our favourite – its surely the loudest, and maybe the most enthusiastic. But it is packed full of great professional knowledge and talent from around the world. We perhaps shouldn’t single people out, as many many people have made it what it is today (I think that I went to the first one in 2009? – maybe wrong, but it was early days for sure). But I am going to single out Kate North of e-Work as she is always in the midst of the Workplace Community, wherever that is in the world. She is a driving force – keep it up Kate!

I attended the other Community meeting, the very first in EMEA, of the *new* Strategic Facilities Management Community. There were only 12 of us..! BUT, it was a very worthwhile meeting, the second only after #CNGSanDiego a few months ago, where we knocked about the aims and objectives of the new Community. It was expertly chaired and facilitated by Ian Dunning, Global Facilities Director at Unilever PLC, and attended by a small but “strategic” group of senior FM leaders, from client side (end users), major service providers (CBRE, Cushman & Wakefield) and startegic consultants (IBM Consulting).

The SFMC, as it is called, will be a valuable addition to the other four established Communities within CoreNet Global. Having spent quite a lot of time over recent months on our own study in this field, “Raising The Bar – enhancing the strategic role of Facilities Management”, for the RICS, we know how important it is to define what “strategy” is, and how FM can become truly strategic. I am presenting some of the findings at 4pm tomorrow, Tuesday, in the breakout session called “Exclusive Property Trends Analysis”.

In fact, there is more to say about RICS and CoreNet, as they have (today) signed an MoU…..more of that another time!

But don’t let yourself think its all work and no play at a CoreNet Summit (far from it, in fact, if I remember #CNGDallas in 2009….no, I don’t remember all of it actually, as it happens)…….

WHICH PARTY DO YOU FOLLOW?….no, wrong, nothing to do with politics (although, thanks to Johnson Controls GWS, we did get to the 27th Floor of Millbank Tower; if you know the London political scene, just down the road at Westminster, you will know this to be the home of Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell and others in the UK Labour Party in their ‘glory years’!)

Now, party-time @CNGSummits has little to do with CoreNet selection and more to do with ‘natural selection’ – only the fittest will survive, and rightly so. It leads to a stronger species of CRE&FM professional over many years of evolution! OK, it is a bit of a lottery which coach you get onto, and if you go off to phone your kids “goodnight” at the wrong time (as I did) you may find yourself wandering around looking for the coach you were invited onto! But, I’m sure that the hospitality of the major service providers was good as usual, and we all had a great evening of networking, or just talking about life with people who have become friends over many such CoreNet evenings!

So, up we get early (for me, early; I just write these days – no cold railway platforms at 6am for me) tomorrow, for a packed agenda of speakers and breakout sessions. Starting with “Leadership 2.0: the science behind great leaders”. Its all about Emotional Intelligence……before I get tired and emotional, I’m off to bed…….especially as my room TV doesn’t work, so I’ve missed BBCNewsnight! UK customer service, huh?

Paul Carder, Founder/Director – Occupiers Journal Limited

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