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Much of the information here is dated and no longer accurate.
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We are OJL Logo 100a research, publishing, and knowledge-building organization – focused on the intersection of work and place. We publish Work & Place, a professional journal containing the best ideas about work and workplaces from thought leaders and practitioners around the world. We have also prepared several landmark reports on the future of workplace and facilities management, sponsored by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and since 2016 also by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA).

This is our story:

What happens when a group of free-thinking experts comes together? Too often egos and conflicting opinions lead the group to disband as quickly as it formed. Not at Occupiers Journal.

Paul Carder, in the UK, introduced Jim Ware, in  California USA, to Marcus Bowen in Hong Kong. We talked at length on Skype. We got connected on LinkedIn. We followed each others’ group discussions, blogs, and tweets. We shared our dreams!

We even did that old traditional thing of flying for hours to meet, talk, and have dinner together. Paul flew west to meet with Jim. Marcus flew west to meet with Paul. Jim flew east to meet with Paul again. And in the process we all got hitched, and our new company was born (originally Occupiers Journal Limited, and later And Places Limited).

Why did we do that? Quite simply, we just knew that we had to. Around us all, the world is changing rapidly; we knew that the occupiers of real estate and “end-users” of workplace facilities and support services would have to change their vision and strategies to stay efficient and effective. We knew, when we looked at our complementary knowledge and skills, that we had chanced upon a new team that can make a lasting difference.

But we did not stop there. We don’t have huge egos; we knew that we could be the “team leaders” but not the entire team. We knew that there were people in every region around the world who think like we do. So Paul spent far more time on Linkedin than is healthy until he found the right “OJ” Partners in every region around the globe. And we all started to talk on Skype, get connected on Linkedin and share our ideas and insights (you know how that goes now…).

Our story caught the attention of the Financial Times. Our formation of a global company in the age of social media was featured in a 29 February 2012 article about the power of technology to enable collaboration among people who are literally thousands of miles apart (“So near and yet so far” – free instant registration required to access online version).

Where are we now, five years into our venture?

Like anything worthwhile, it has taken a few years! But now, “OJ” is becoming a trusted, independent source of knowledge for occupiers’ real estate, workplace, and facilities management.

We publish Work & Place usually twice a year. We conduct leading-edge research with partners like RICS, IFMA and other professional groups; we bring insights and ideas from our regional partners together; we publish many blog posts on these important topics; and we lead several large and active LinkedIn discussion groups – all aimed at enhancing the skills and management practices of workplace professionals. Our goal is simple: to “raise the bar” for workplace management, increasing its strategic role and presence in organizations, and strengthening its strategic alignment with business and peer functions.

We believe that positive change will benefit organizations and their employees, because:

  • Workplaces make a difference to people’s health, well-being, satisfaction, and performance;
  • Workplace design directly affects organizational success;
  • Workplace Management (WM) strategy is about converting these principles into reality;
  • WM must align itself with Human Resources (HR) and Information Technology (IT);
  • The #1 role of the in-house WM is to understand the business and its needs; and
  • The #2 role of the in-house WM is to translate this understanding to the workplace resource team.

If you share our passion for enhancing the occupier real estate, workplace and facilities management professions, and building its strategic role in organizations, please contact us to discuss this further.